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There are several news and updates from Fulbright Weblog –

First, the Fulbright Newsletter – Fall 2009 is available online at

In this issue, you can find

  • Information about Vietnam Fulbrighters 2009-2011
  • Information about the application for Fulbright Scholarship AY 2011-2012
  • Different stories about Fulbright Program in Vietnam, and one article about Fulbright Weblog

Second, the Fulbright Weblog has a new option called “Email Subscription”. So if you look at the Menu on the right, you can see a section titled “Email Subscription – Dang ky nhan tin qua email”. Fill in your email address, and hit “Subscribe”. When you are already subscribed, whenever Fulbright Weblog has a new article, it will send the fulltext to your email, so you can keep up-to-date news and information. You can also rate in 5-star scale for articles you like.

Third, several Fulbright finalist for AY 2010-2011, who are still in Vietnam and just finish their GRE, GMAT and TOEFL test ( I guess so), they will be a good resources for anyone who think of apply for Fulbright in this year. Several finalists have promised to write articles to share their fresh experiences right after they finish the difficult tests. I hope if anyone of them read this reminder, he or she will be the first volunteer to submit an article. Remember we are moving forward together, but never forget to look backward to help pe0ple behind you. Let the spirit of “Pay it forward” be spread out among Vietnam Fulbright Community.


Thinh Ngoc Tran

From Columbia, Missouri, USA