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This is an interesting group. I love Senator Fulbright and have to say one of my favorite quotes originates from this exceptional man. However, I have to add some observations on my part and welcome the nostalgic zombies who would love to glorify the program named after such a man.

Let’s start with my case:

I met a beautiful woman that was on a J-1 visa for the Fulbright program. She had a two year-home residency requirement. We fell in love and she ended up pregnant with a future Mr. An 🙂 I did the responsible thing and married this young angel. However, things went awry in one aspect…the response from those working under the Fulbright program at Clemson University.

Apparently everything is fine for you as a student under the Fulbright program, however…if you fall in love with an American, especially if you are about to bear or raise a child with an American, THERE IS! You see, the State Department does not like it when an immigrant or international student gives birth to a child in the United States. They have to make accomodations for the newly arrived blessing to the world and the newly wed immigrant. Those racists and xenophobic Protestants have to continue their tradition of complaining of non-European immigrants to this country if this occurs as U.S. history demonstrates so well.

The response by the faculty at Clemson University was atrocious and any human-being of any nationality would feel offended. Peter Li of the International Students Offices at Clemson University told my wife in front of me she had to go back to her country regardless if she was pregnant with my child. He told her she had no choice. He refused to speak with me regardless if my child’s welfare was the topic of discussion. He called my wife to his office several times during the semester consistently reminding her of the same thing, that she had to go back home and that she could not stay. In addition, the faculty member over the FLTA program for Arabic at Clemson University, James Miller told my wife she broke the law and was a criminal. Professor Miller made several comments of this nature to my wife on numerous occasions. When my wife contacted Edward Monks and another individual named Carl in the FLTA offices to inform them of her case, one of them called her a liar and told her she had to go home! When I called Carl back in rage, he apologized and we made ammends, yet those amends were farcical and nothing more than subtle deception as Edward Monks not only waited till the last minute to fill out my wife’s no objection letter recommendation for a J-1 Visa Waiver, but gave her an unfavorable recommendation. It’s ok, we followed it up with an exceptional hardship letter and called a large calvary 🙂

The stress they placed on this pregnant and defenseless person, my reason for living, nearly drove me to a response of a one-hitter quitter on these cowards like I have been taught in the boxing ring. However, as a follower of non-violence and a believer in justice and God, I waited to view what other HONORABLE tactics these esteemed gentlemen would do.

After harassing my wife, calling her a criminal, nearly causing her to miscarriage, and demanding that her and MY CHILD be removed from my country of citizenship, they finally decided to leave her alone only to add insult to injury by spreading gossip to the other faculty at the university about her and my situation.

I have already spoken to politicians,my family’s lawyer, my friends, other human and civil rights groups…I can only say that now begins a long and arduous battle. Between my child’s life and a government that wants to exile my child to a country it labels as a terrorist state (Syria). If the government believes that us having a child while she is on the FLTA program is irresponsible, what is threatening to send this American citizen’s wife and unborn child to a country which this country ruined relations with their “axis of evil” rhetoric? What is sending a child to a country which it wants others to believe is a threat to its national defense interests abroad and to American citizens? How far can this go? Should America start placing signs on every 2 year home residency requirement FLTA student that says, “DO NOT HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH THIS PERSON, MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS PERSON, THEY ARE A FLTA STUDENT ON A 2 YEAR HOME RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT VISA AND ARE NOT AMERICAN, THIS INCLUDES ANY OFFSPRING WITHIN THIS ALIEN’S STOMACH” ? It appears so 🙂

So enjoy your time, but remember they still view you as a foreigner first, a human-being second. They place a value upon your life and your possible future child’s life based whether you were born within a geographical boundary called America. We as a country (The United States) have a terrible habit of declaring we believe in Democracy while only applying it to those within the borders of our own country and ignoring the Democratic majority of the world.

This is the truth as honestly and as detailed as I can recollect. Its purpose is to awaken your minds from a slumber to the fact that you are a HUMAN-BEING, and that is more important than any nation or government, and the rights of a human are more valuable than the rights granted to citizens of any individual government. We are all one! We are fighting for immigrant rights here and perhaps you may find a way to fight yourselves my brothers and sisters.

Amnesty International, SWER, and other human rights groups today are marching toward the reforms necessary to avoid such horrendous examples as above. Our Hispanic brothers and sisters have endured enough for so long and they know so well these pains and it will be by their leadership via experience that we shall follow. Is America a Multi-cultural country or a predominantly European country with multi-cultural tolerance? We shall see if it can live up to its declaration.

And P.S. don’t you get tired of working your tail off for them teaching colloquial, polite and impolite forms of language, holding programs for cultural activities, and much more for a lesser pay than professors at a university. Those same professors do not teach the colloquial, polite or impolite forms. Take it from someone who speaks five different languages and is learning his sixth. After all of the hard work of trying to impress the faculty thinking they care, they still send you back. How many FLTA students on a 2 year home residency requirement I have met who try to impress their superiors because they believe they may be able to stay is so sad and uncountable. And if you become pregnant or marry an American, they try to exile you as if you and your child is a plague.

My bloodline in this country goes all the way back to a private in the American Revolution, to a Captain in the Civil War, and family that fight today in this country’s conflicts. This country will honor my rights, but if I marry and pregnate a foreigner, they employ the nastiest of tactics that cowards and the immoral do. This experience has humbled me because now I am seeing how horrible they look upon foreigners that attempt to become a fellow citizen to me. As long as you are a foreigner, they are your best friend. However, attempt to be my equal and you are the Taliban attempting to infiltrate their country. Even the child within your loved one’s womb is wearing a Turban in their eyes.

Senator William Fulbright once stated, “Man’s capacity for decent behavior seems to vary directly with his perception of others as individual humans with human motives and feelings, whereas his capacity for barbarous behavior seems to increase with his perception of an adversary in abstract terms. This is the only explanation I can think of for the fact that the very same good and decent citizens who would never fail to feed a hungry child or comfort a sick friend or drop a coin in the church collection basket celebrated the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and can now contemplate with equanimity, or indeed even advocate, the use of nuclear weapons against the ‘hordes of Chinese coolies.’”

“China, Vietnam, and the United States: Highlights of the Hearings of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.” 12.

How ironic that the FLTA program has constituents within its offices that support the State Department with childish and cowardly antics to provoke the seperation of a father and husband away from the abstract category or perception it views of my immigrant wife. How so true the barbarous behavior is the result of thinking of her in an abstract term they call an immigrant. You are an international student if you plan to return home, but if you want to remain…you are an immigrant. But what can we expect from an enlightened people who label people into a category based on a methodology of war…terrorism.

One of the most common symptoms of apathy is the belief that history is not written by the successes and failures of individuals such as you and I. It is time to take one’s pride into one’s own hands, free one’s mind and soul, and to write history 🙂

For now, this is a Collective Conscious announcement and we have only whispered and not hollered the bugle for what our friendly State Department chauvinists are about to unleash 🙂 This is a loud bark from Simon Bolivar’s large mucuchie.

Collected from Facebook Story – Posted by TNT July 28