In the project “Citi Microentrepreurship Awards 2008”, my office has 4 new interns.

They are:

  1. Hoang Hai Nam – 1986 – RMIT University, Vietnam
  2. Hoang Kim Ngan – 1989 – Linfield College, USA
  3. Le Chi Hieu – 1987 – Troy University, Vietnam
  4. Ha Thanh Hoa – 1988 – Coe College, USA

Volunteer Team
Volunteer Team

My team: Thinh, Hoa (seating), Hieu, Nam (standing)

Men Club

Men only: (from left): Nam, Hieu, Thinh


From left: Thinh, Oanh, Hoa at lunch

With Hoa

With Thanh Hoa – nickname: Panda Pink Pig