Today, I am happy

I want to thank Hang stylish for giving me a chance to keep in touch with the girl like the Korean film star I love.

I want to thank you – my “idol” (you know I will find a nickname for you, because I don’t have any idol as singer, actor or actress). Thank you for your kindness, spending your time chatting with me until the rain stopped. Being with me when I need someone, because I hate the rain, it made me sad.

You know even my eyes are really tired after 8 hours in front of the PC, but I still enjoyed chatting and sitting here alone composing my latest entry. I am happy to know you. We are for sure to keep in touch. I will find you in everywhere I can, in Blog, in chat, in picture.

Thank you for your kindness to give me the permission to put your pictures in my Blog. I will put your picture in my desktop, so 8 hours everyday, you are in front of me.

Thank God and Hang I found you.





Monday August 6, 2007 – 04:22am (PDT)