Ngay 1/8/2007. Khai truong cai Blog tren Facebook. Em Ha Minh va Bao Hoang huong dan, nhung cung khong biet chac chan, bao anh tu may mo di, hihi. Welcome to my Facebook.

Ngay 2/8/2007. Khai truong dia chi email cua van phong moi, dong thoi khai truong cai Microsoft Outlook de check email. Nhu vay tu nay cai Gmail da duoc giai phong khoi cong viec. Lam ra lam, choi ra choi. Co len. – That’s would be great to use MS Outlook 2003, but there are some options that make me love Gmail more. [updated on August 17] I hate Vnn email with just 15 MB. There was something stupid with that email. After just 1 week using it, I decide to say goodbye to that stupid email.

Ngay 4/8/2007. Di choi Tuan Chau, Quang Ninh voi cac ban Volunteer cua Citibank Vietnam. Mot chuong trinh tuong doi hap dan va rat thu vi. – That was wonderful trip. We played football in the beach, swimming. It was the first time I joined Banana Boat, and ride the Motor Boat – an extreme emotion ever time. It was faster than my Motorbike. I loved speed. We had a wonderful lunch in a ferry. I was very tired but still enjoyed a dinner and drink in Jaspas – Hanoi Tower. My shoulder was burnt so it hurt after playing in the Sun. But I think that was unforgettable.

Tu ngay 13/8 den 18/8: Tham gia 2 khoa tap huan tai Ha Noi

[Updated on 17/7] – The trainings was boring with two trainers from the Philippines. The first course with only 4 participants (first day – 5 people but 1 left after first day). The content of the training is awful, the handout is just copy and paste from other sources and as long as a novel. The trainer went around the bush and kill the time for such a stupid things. One more thing that makes me cannot join the training because I am worried a lot about our work at office. I cannot concentrate on what I am learning. I bring my laptop there with wireless connection, I checked my email and handle things from a distance with Yahoo Messenger. I frankly to say I don’t like these training courses. I should quit the second one if my organization has paid the tuition fee already.

Ngay 16/8: Tham gia Hoi nghi truyen hinh ve Tai chinh vi mo

That was great video conference with Professor Stuart Rutherford. I saw many people I have met before from Cambodia and Lao. The presentation is about commercialization in microfinance. I enjoyed the video conference by escaping from the boring training.

Ngay 24/8: Hop tong ket 6 thang dau nam cua to chuc. Cong tac chuan bi dang duoc chuan bi ngay tu bay gio. Rat nhieu viec, hua hen se vat va. Lai con them viec don tiep doan cong tac ve tai chinh vi mo

Dung la viec chuan bi don doan Lao va chuan bi to chuc buoi hop Nhom lam minh thoi gian vua roi, cuc ky met moi, cang thang, suc ep va kho chiu. Chinh vi the minh cang coi trong ky nghi phep dau tien nay cua minh. Cuoc hop tong ket 6 thang cua Nhom da dien ra suon se va chuyen tham cua doan Lao cung vay. Noi chung la tuy buc boi, va kho chiu nhieu dieu nhung minh van rat vui vi duoc nhin thay nhung thanh qua tot dep.

Tu ngay 25/8 toi 2/9: Du kien nghi phep di lam du an tinh nguyen tai Can Tho cung YGCP. Sau do tham gia buoi hop cua YGCP Vietnam tai Phu Quoc. Dang xin y kien Sep du dinh se o lai DBSCL them 1 tuan nua de di tham thanh vien mang luoi tai khu vuc mien Nam.

Du kien duong nhu thay doi tat ca, dem 24 moi vao toi SG, quyet dinh khong xuong Can Tho cung moi nguoi nua. O lai SG, hen gap 1 so to chuc, va gap go lai ban be (Thao, Minh) va tham gia ngay hoi nhung nguoi tinh nguyen. That la vui, lai bi loi len lam nguoi mau thoi trang, roi choi dua o Dam Sen. Tu nhien nho thoi sinh vien the ko biet. Khong biet la chi loanh quanh SG thoi, hay la di tour bui dau do voi ong Kong. De roi tinh sau, noi chung la neu o SG choi cung vui lam rui, co bao nhieu ban, tha ho ma choi nhe.