Oh, today is valentine day. I got up late until my Mum woke me up for registering car for my biz trip soon after TET. I got up but not leave the bed. I was lying lazy and sending SMSs to wish my friends best wishes in love day and also not to forget to invite them to join my club – Club of Bachelor (both meaning)- which I am the chairman.

 I send 1 SMS to PT – my dear student in Sai Gon, and suddenly she called back. She was angry, and I don’t know why. She thinks I am angried with her. I just ask why, so complicated. She said that she did called me 1 month ago and I did say I didn’t know who she is, I was not her friend, that made her feel angried. Now she tells me, and I think I am in a mess and so surprised. I just think maybe my roomates using my mobilephone when she called and told her something so badly. So sorry, baby PT. Just forget it, I am here to be your friend. I will come and see you soon and make you feel surprised. I am heading to Saigon, soon after TET with many plans with my true friends. I will travel around the city and getting fun with them. I don’t want people to be sad this time. We kept talking too long. This is the first time she called me by her mobilephone, the conversation soon suddenly finished just because she is out of credit. She is the reason why I broke my record to make a mobilephone call for more than 1 hour (oh my God). Whenever I am sad, I need a friend, a indeed friend to understand. Money is not an issue, money cannot buy me an indeed friend. I just think of DT, and want to send SMS to DT, but for what for a heart made of stone, for a cold and emotionless girl, for nothing, for a very poor girl – not poor financially but emotionally. For a crazy reason, for a moment, just thinking of her is enough. I am angried to think again about what she has done.

With me, Valentine day is a normal day, just enjoy chocolate with family at home and watching television, so romantic, so warm… I just check my email, Diem YGCP just send 4 email to wish friends a happy Valentine day. Thank you Thuy Diem, wish you to get married soon, just because you are 24 now, a good job, eat more to be fatter (a little bit) and then get married with your beloved man. Good luck.

Hey, tonight I will call my friends to go around to have a out-of-family Valentine (Va linh tinh) day. hehe