Recent days, I am travelling a lot. The day before yesterday, I with my mum come back to her homeland. It is not far but having to buy a lot as presents for my relatives. Yesterday, I travelled alone by bus back to Hai Duong city, where I was born to have a meeting with my classmates in secondary school. It is a long long time since we last met. It is great to see them again. We were gathered at my former teacher’s house. She looks the same after a long time. We drink wine much so my face turned red so quickly. At first I refused to stay there for dinner but my teacher was so kind to invite me and ask me to call my mum to ask for permission to come home next day. I do not know and do not like to drink wine and beer but I am so excited to drink with my old classmates. I drank too much but I was not drunk I could drive my motorbike to meet 1 guy who want to buy my house. But I felt tired after drinking “heavy wine” with dog meat I come back to my teacher’s house after dealing biz with this guy. My teacher and her husband invite me and some of my classmates to sleep there just because they think we were drunk, not me, my bestfriend was really drunk. He vermonted many times at night. Today, my teacher’s husband woke me up and I come back to my house. I am tired and dun want to come to my father’s homeland but my mum is a master at asking me for doing something that she wants. She has thousand ways to keep me doing her wishes. I admire her ability. I come back to my father’s homeland to meet my relatives after long time I do not have time to meet them. They share my happiness since I got a job right before graduation. They ask me to get married soon (since my relatives got married so soon 1984, 1985, even 1986 they got 1 child already), so worried.

Riding back home, I am thinking of my situation and about my decision to get married. I want to got master degree in another country and then coming back to get married. However, I think of some words said by my grandmother’s sister. I don’t want to make my mum sad since she is old now. Women at her age now have their grandchildren already. I am thinking of that, so carefully but I know I will do that soon, may be 1 or 2 year later. It is great to have my own family. I love to think of coming back home from office with my darling and my son, so warm, so happy, so sweet.