It is the first time in my 4.5 years living in hostel, I am the last person leaving the hostel. Last years, I was not the last one but this year I am the last the because I get the job before I graduate. Many people are surprised when I am working but still living in hostel. I love to stay there because I don’t want to change after living for 4.5 years there.

When all of my roomates prepare to coming back home for New Lunar Year preparation, I am just worried with the Annual Meeting of MFWG. I am in charge of my first big meeting as I am coordinator for MFWG. Everything happened well and I just come back home on Saturday. I am tired after the Annual Meeting but just accept the Hoa’s invitation to the music and fashion Night Club for relax before coming home. We just walk together to the Night Club, chatting and drinking Yogourt. We have spent time to listen to music with some of my favorite songs: Trai tim ben le, Neu phai xa nhau etc…The fashion show is very good, there were six long-legged model but I like the one in red, so beautiful, long-leg and charming. I also love to listen to Bao Vy – a very cute singer from Sai Gon singing, she look like a doll.

Today, I come back home. I got up early this morning to package my blanket before getting home. It rained a little but cold and freezy. I have to come back to my office to get my training material for my first business trip right after TET. I come back to my room, getting stuffs and riding home. I hate to riding my motorbike in a rainy day. Today is a typical day of Nothern weather, cloudy with frog, freezy. But feeling like staying at home make me dare to ride at 80-90km/h. My hands feel like a piece of wood but still moving to make my motorbike running faster to home. My eyes feel cold just because I wear eye-glasses and have to clean it after riding for a while. My white shoes turned “black” after the long trip and I am here back home. I found my family’s gate was open and my mun’s bike there. She just take my friendly dog out to Washington Club. She call me and I know I am there.

Today, I know I will have a different TET. I will greet new spring in a new country and also in my favorite city – HCMC. I have a plan to meet my friends in secondary school, my friends in HCMC and I am thinking of a longterm plan in 2007 for my new job and my new half.

Everything seems to be very good in the year of Dog, hope everything will be extremely good in the year of Pig. I love Pig, so fatty, so lovely, so cute. I like girls with pink skin, lovely fatty, cute and kind like a beloved pig. I would call her “my little pig”…